I woke this morning remembering what I many times have told my clients. “The ten days surrounding your birthday are a time of high energy. Do use those days to create and envision everything you want in your life!”

Why did I remember my special “mantra”? Because tomorrow is the first of five days before my own birthday. It set me to thinking about what I want to create in my own life. I now have ten days plus my birthdate.

More than ever before I have been keenly aware of how critical it is to tell ourselves what we really want. Plus we  need to see the goal as if it were already existing and complete! Visualizing the “end product” perfect and as if it exists in the present moment is what creates positive results.

I admit daydreaming is fun but if we want tangible  results, steadfast visualizations are the creative tool we need to exercise daily.

What do you want to create? Could you envision yourself  at your perfect weight? If so you probably realize you need to exercise. If that is what you desire just start seeing yourself getting up full of energy and riding the bicycle or walking the trails. You might add a vision of yourself eating smaller meals with less fat or sugar.

For myself I want to bring more balance to my week. I envision a particular number of hours or percentage of my week devoted to my work of hypnosis, mediumship and healing clients with chakra clearing. Then I see another percent devoted to pursuit of fun, maybe beach time, walking the trails, or seeing a movie. In addition I would devote time to strengthen my relationship with my partner.

These are my priorities. I am sure you have your own. The important thing is to begin building a good foundation for your life; today and tomorrow. Envisioning your positive future is good but there is even more you can do.

In addition to strong positive visualizations, there is one more practice that will help with your life creations. Begin to pay attention to your “self-talk”. What that means is to listen to yourself whether you are speaking out loud or  just thinking. Hear what follows two words: “I am”.

If you are programming your future with “I am not smart enough, I am not feeling good, I am too slow” or?? What do you feel will be the result? Begin today to be your own best “booster”. In other words start saying and thinking “I am happy, I am quick to learn, I am enjoying my life.” Follow that terrifically powerful “I am” with what you truly want! Positive results will follow.

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