Are you held back from some life activity or desire because of a powerful perhaps even irrational fear? Many times we look at fears without understanding why they are attached to us. We simply know how strong they are in our lives.

In my role as a clinical hypnotist clients come to me to help them dissolve some of those fears that are impeding their personal life progress. In hypnosis a client can discover the source of any particular fear. Finding the triggering episode is the first step to simply eliminating its power.

Fears come to us from many sources. A fear can have its origins in childhood with a caregiver using scare tactics to control the youngster. For example one of my clients was severely claustrophobic as a result of being locked in a closet as a young girl for punishment. In hypnosis she was able to forgive that person who locked her away and then program her inner self that enclosed spaces are comforting and safe. The result of being “deprogrammed” in that fashion allowed her to keep her job that required her to be in the enclosed space of airplane rides from Arizona to New York.

Another common origin of crippling fears is other life time events. When the current life shows no logical reason for a particular fear, I can then help the client to search in one or more of their former lives. It does seem that most of us have had a variety of different experiences as we lived in other lifetimes. In my work I have encountered folks who can’t wear any tight clothing around the neck or who fear sitting in a restaurant unless their back is to a wall.

Whatever the fear that you would like to release, give me a call. Through hypnosis I will work diligently with you to create an opening to a happy, safe feeling and fulfilling life.