Build your energy with this interactive workshop!

Thursday, November 15, 7 to 9 pm

$20 suggested donation. Be sure to preregister!

Reverend Lois Cheney presents a 12 chakra clearing and entrainment demonstration. For this interactive workshop she utilizes tuning forks, crystals, colors and affirmations to optimize and align chakras for better integration and functioning of the spiritual and physical bodies.

Reverend Lois presents methods for keeping the chakras clean and spinning properly on a daily basis. She will also detail the particular functions of the various chakras and their ability to work with and support each other.

Her work offers releasing past negative harmful memories from this life, parallel lives and past lives. The purpose of each chakra is specific to different physical, mental and emotional conditions. Certain discomforts or diseases can be modified or totally eliminated by work on the chakra or chakras affected.

Center for Metaphysical Fellowship,2044 Bispham Rd.,Sarasota FL