Every once in a while life hands you a truly happy surprise. Yesterday was one of those days. At first it didn’t seem happy at all. It all began when I found myself having to stop at the Honda dealership because my car was developing a bit of a belly ache. Not a good thing on a red hot Florida afternoon. Adding to my discomfort was that my little dog Booboo was with me and had to be taken care of while we waited for an automotive diagnosis. I love her but she is a curious restless little critter.

The two of us, Booboo and me, sat in the customer lounge while I browsed magazines. Across the way was a gentleman munching a shiny red apple. Booboo was transfixed. Finally I said laughingly to him “Booboo is drooling on your apple”. Of course she wasn’t really but truth was her attention didn’t waiver for a minute.

The friendly fellow laughed and with a smile told me there was another apple on the snack counter. I thanked him and said I should probably go get it. He went back to looking at his cell phone. But in just a minute or so he looked up again and offered to get an apple for me.

He was back in a short time. The apple was wet and it was obvious that he had gone to the extra trouble of washing it for us.

Happily Booboo and I shared that apple. Yes it was “just an apple” but how thoughtful that a stranger cared enough to be kind and go out of his way for us. It took the sting out of car problems and put my energy where it belonged: in gratitude. There is always a blessing close by if we bother to look.

Rev. Lois Cheney