Christmas? Birthday? Anniversary? For a friend, loved one or fellow worker nothing is as appreciated as a gift certificate. Give them a Psychic Reading with Spirit Contact, Guides and Teachers, Past Life information and accurate answers to any relationship or other questions. They will love it.

It is easy to do. Just give me a call, Rev. Lois Cheney at (928) 300-2030 and let me know the name you would like on the attractively designed certificate. You can put the $105. cost on your credit card. I will mail the certificate to them or to you as you choose.

The certificate is good for 30 days from the date it is issued.  Readings can be done in my home or at any distance by telephone. A session always includes a cassette recording for his or her later review at their leisure.

A gift certificate of this kind will be remembered for many years. It carries with it the multiple possibilities inherent in positive life path direction!

Give me a call today Rev. Lois (928)-300-2030 or send an e-mail RevLois@gmail.com.