I woke this morning with tears rolling down by cheeks. No, it was not sadness. It was all because of one highly emotional and powerful idea. Here it is: Don’t wait! Don’t wait until you are perfect. Don’t wait for the best time. Don’t wait until you know exactly how you should begin. Just start. Just shower forth all the Light you have today, this minute. Save this idea of being “perfect” for later. For today, just give your personal light, love, compassion, and understanding in the best way you can.

Everyone on earth today, every animal, every living thing can use more light, more love, more understanding. If you have been locking the best of yourself away until you were sure you had it “right”, until you had refined all your thoughts, all your methods, stop. Begin this minute to pour yourself into your personal idea of Spirit service.

Make a strong definite decision to begin sending this uplifting energy to all life that you contact. Once you have made that purely mental decision, move away from the realm of mind and thought, begin to act only from the depths of your heart and soul.

The pure energy coming from love’s wisdom emanating from the depths of your heart and soul offers the greatest healing stream. It is a vibration that balances, enlivens and challenges.

When you project your personal love and light you become a magnet that draws even more love and light to you. You find yourself in the company of those of similar intent, those who are working from their own highest ideals.


You and I arrived on earth at this particular time to express our God given light and love for the purpose of evolving all life. It is our responsibility to hold and send forth as much of this precious Spirit energy as we can.

Waiting until you know the exact “right” way to do this sending of pure light and love, makes no sense. The only way you can perfect your transmission is to begin transmitting. Now is the time to start. Know that you were born with the ability and creativity you need to make a difference.

Years ago I attended a concert at the University of Illinois that continues to live in my memory. Karen Carpenter was singing: “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear just sing, sing a song.” I encourage you, begin your song today. “Sing it loud, sing it clear” It is your song and only you know the right words and music.

Life does not get better with hesitation and fear. Life has to be lived to the fullest or it will be pale and lack any demonstrable meaning.

The more you throw yourself into the business of living from your creativity, your Spirit lead ideas, the more wonderful ideas you will have. The more you act on those ideas the greater your benefit to yourself and those around you. You become a powerful energized example of light.

In this time that seems to offer only disruption and chaos, there is also the most dynamic and progressive of possibilities. Wherever you see change that seems so upsetting, know that something better is on its way. You are in the enviable position of welcoming this positive “repositioning” of life as we have known it.

At this particular time in earth’s history we are each asked to step forward to contribute our very best. We are called upon to evolve ourselves to the point that we create and welcome our own ascension and offer the ascension process to all life.

Know that each of you is a powerful being. Individually and together you have access to all the wisdom and energy that you could possibly use. Believe in yourselves and your potential. Today you together with all the other light bearers are creating mankind’s future and earth’s future. You are truly that powerful. You are that important.

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