When the energy of your home, land or office is not what you desire, I will come to your location in or near Rogers Arkansas to energetically clean the site and replace the negative energy with a more positive essence.

It may be as simple as removing old thought forms that have been dropped about or there may be unwanted astral spirits present.
In either case I can make the appropriate adjustments using my guides along with our many tools.

The end result of such a clearing, cleaning and replacing of energy is a much more workable environment for anything you wish to accomplish.

Call today Rev. Lois 928-300-2030.

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Breeze · May 20, 2015 at 2:48 am

hey weird – i had imaginary frednis when i was a kid. When i came to live with my granny it turne out they were guardian angels. (religious granny alert). Maybe I am a princess too

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