Doldrums OUT, Sunshine IN!

Doldrums OUT, Sunshine IN!   Looks to me like this is a day for positive affirmation! Let’s get our spirits soaring. What could you do to get that “top of the world” feeling?  Dance? Hike a mountain? Call a dear friend? Maybe this will help. Are any of you into Read more

By Lois Cheney, ago


Each of us prepared for this current life on earth with very specific goals and purpose. Our soul guided us to make extensive plans before we were born. Unfortunately when we arrived we discovered the “veil” had been drawn across our memory of those plans. What to do? How can Read more

By Lois Cheney, ago


HYPNOSIS WORKS! Some years ago I was reluctant to try using my clinical hypnosis skills “long distance”, i.e. by telephone. Fortunately I discovered that I was just as effective and just as much in control that way. It only required a lot of focus and concentration on my part. At any rate Read more

By Lois Cheney, ago


LIMITS? NO! You are an unlimited potential! You are free at this exact moment to explore and build in any venue and in any of the realms you choose. You are a shimmering Light Energy of limitless potential. Shake off any heavy shackles of the past and its related negative Read more

By Lois Cheney, ago

Who Was I!

Who Was I? Your personal past life experiences can have a profound effect on your life today. Those effects can manifest positively or negatively and can be physical, emotional or mental. They may indicate a profound talent or an unexplained pain and disability. The good news is that if you Read more

By RevLois, ago