What do you call the source of your highest and best intelligence? Where do you hunt for the direction or information you need? Do you refer to the source or “it” as intuition, high self, or the Light, or God? Whatever name you give to it, it sometimes seems difficult to find the answers you seek. It many times is difficult to hear, see or understand. Why?  The noisy clutter of our continual stream of our everyday concerns, our hard wired opinions, our plans, our worries simply block our receptivity.

Today in the midst of the current pandemic our local newspaper carried an article about a local owner of a food truck business. He had a dream three nights in a row. Before I tell you about his dream I must tell you that prior to this point in time he would have described himself as not being generous in fact being more than a little selfish.

So knowing that, here is his dream: 3 nights in a row he saw many hungry children and he was disturbed. The strange part of that is that when he awoke he was feeling exceptionally calm. Initially this up and down of emotions was confusing to him.

What happened? He realized he was called to take action. That dream stirred him to understand he had to help feed those children! He immediately went about parking his food truck in various locations; schools, parking lots and more. To remedy the situation he began handing out free meals. His life was transformed by helping others.

I believe that the dreams you and I have are the easiest, quickest, most efficient way for our high self, our indwelling spirit to reach us and teach us. It is easy to pass off our night dreams as merely entertainment. I want to suggest that many times they are much more than that. Perhaps you and I have much to gain in understanding our purpose in the world by paying attention to those night (and day) visions.

Dreams are given to us as guidance. In those dreams I feel we have an under-utilized resource. It seems to me that is important for us to record and interpret them even if at first look they seem meaningless or a little silly.

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