Do you sometimes feel someone watching you but there is nobody home? Does the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Perhaps you work late at your office and feel a ghostly entity behind you, just observing. In extreme cases there may be doors slamming, papers flying with no “body” in sight.

If any of these scenarios are in your life. I can help. For over 45 years I have cleared homes and offices of “ghosts”.

Taking away the heavy energy is only one part of the process. Why? Simply because a thorough clearing leaves a vacuum and a vacuum will be filled! To eliminate any negativity from returning, I replace all of that dark energy with happy, cheerful, life affirming energy.

Some years ago I was called to clear a condominium. I did a thorough clearing but that was only part of the problem. The atmosphere had been so frightening that the owner’s tiny dog refused to sleep in “mommy’s” bed with her.

When I completed the clearing, I asked if it would be o.k. if I had a little talk with the dog. She said yes so I brought the dog to the couch. I petted her for a while and then explained I had thoroughly cleared the bed and the whole home. Yes, it would be safe to sleep with mommy again.

I gathered all my “tools” and went back to my office. The next day I had a call from the owner. She was so excited to tell me that not only was the condo cleared, but her tiny dog was back to sleeping the night with her!

If any of these off color scenarios sounds familiar, if you have any sort of uninvited but invisible visitor, just give me a call. I can help getting things back to normal and comfortable once more.

Rev. Lois Cheney (928)-300-2030 or RevLois@gmail.com