The words we speak are so much more important than we believe. Why? Because with every word we utter repeatedly, we are creating our future experiences. Words are powerful creators! What you say over and over again will appear in your tomorrows.

Knowing that our words are creating, we must decide what we want to appear in our lives! How do we manifest our future? Do we affirm health, seeing ourselves strong and robust? Or do we affirm its opposite, fearing illness and other infirmities? Do we affirm ease in our finances? “Money is always available to fill my every need.” Or: “I’ll never make it to payday.” How about affirmations around relationships? “We don’t agree on anything” or “I am loving and I am loved.”

I feel the need to stress this word power today particularly because of the general fears surrounding the latest virus that began overseas. If there was ever a time when we need to speak words of health for ourselves and others, it is now!

Unfortunately living in fear can create the very thing we are afraid of! Instead I suggest we adopt and repeatedly use phrases like: “I am healthy, I am strong, I am energetic, I feel good.” Let’s not take a backward step wherein we refuse to go to church or the grocery store just because there are people at those places who might be sick.

I certainly am not suggesting we deliberately expose ourselves to people who are ill. What I am saying is that the fear of germs is a whole new “contagion” in itself.

Let me tell you about my personal experience with negative words. My partner and I moved to a location which I felt would not support my work, my business. Over and over I said and thought: ”I’ll never get anyone to come down here. It’s too far. I will lose all my clients. I might as well quit.” I suspect you can guess what happened. My business basically DIED.

So what did I do? Well I finally realized I was being my own worst enemy. To undo all that I had created I changed my words and my thoughts. Morning, noon and night I affirmedp: “My business prospers, I draw wonderful new people to all aspects of my work, money flows easily as I help more and more clients.” What happened? You can guess! Everything changed for the better; easier and faster than I could have hoped or imagined. I not only drew in new clients, I also developed even better methods of helping those folks!

Begin today speaking life affirming, positive words over yourself as if you believed every word has power because it does! Think about what you want to experience and use positive vocabulary to affirm that. You are a much more powerful creator than you believe. Begin by creating the future you desire today, right now!

I am Rev. Lois Cheney. Call or e-mail today for your private appointment: