Each and every one of us came into this world with special abilities. No one was “short-changed”. Those abilities may not have been all that obvious when we were very young but one by one they do appear. The gifts begin to tug at our thinking as desires to express in any number of ways.

For some as children there was the want of music, others had a need to compose stories, and some wanted to work with clay. There are as many talents as there are people to express them. Whatever your particular talent it is important to exercise it, to develop it not just for your pleasure but to bring pleasure or enlightenment to others.

Having acknowledged that all of us have unique abilities, unfortunately it also becomes apparent that many of us lack the belief in our own talents. For whatever reason we seem to feel that we just aren’t good enough or talented enough or lack the energy to even try.

In my work as a hypnotist I have found when I am allowed to bolster a persons’ self-esteem through positively structured hypnotherapy, seeming “miracles” occur. Belief in his or her own abilities rises in them. Suddenly energy is available to my client for working with their own personal talents
It is my belief that we each have a responsibility to search for and give of our personal talents. It truly doesn’t matter whether we are 19 years old or 80, we can begin now, in this day, to develop what we were given.

If you would like to feel more positive about your own abilities and path in life, call for a personal appointment with me. Together we can design a plan for your specific desires. I can help you release any self-esteem issues. You will gain confidence to move forward toward your goals and life path. I am here to help you.

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Rev. Lois Cheney, Certified Clinical Hypnotist