LGBT Weddings

Performing weddings for any couple is an honor for me. I particularly want to assure all my clients that their own wedding will be unique for them. The ceremony will contain exactly the loving words of commitment which they choose. If it is their desire they may speak additional loving and meaningful words to each other.

In addition, any wedding I perform will be held at the location of the couples’ choice. It might be any place that provides comfort and meaning to the couple.

For instance for your wedding you might choose to have a special ceremony in my highly energized healing room. Perhaps your choice of location is the beach, the woods or some other special spot that holds your heart felt feelings of joy and love. All the choices are yours.

Telephone me today to set a time that we can meet to discuss your desires. My office is in North Port just a few miles south of Sarasota.

I always promise to respect your individuality and honor your wishes.

Rev. Lois Cheney

(928)300-2030 or

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Lois Cheney

Working as an ordained metaphysical minister and spiritualist counselor Rev. Lois has helped clients with their challenges for 45 years. In addition she utilizing her skills as a certified clinical hypnotist to eliminate fears, discover past lives, resolve physical weight problems and much more.


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