“NO!” Really?

talking to your guides

Each and every one of us have desires. Each and every single one of us also has guides, masters and teachers plus our own inner high-self. Having said that who do we usually listen to? Whose guidance do we follow? In other words when our inner guidance of any kind says “NO”, who or what do we listen to?

If you are anything like me, that “NO” is quickly followed by “why not?”

When I was living in Arizona in the mountain town of Prescott, my friend Jeanne and I decided to visit a fairly recently reorganized group that had moved from Sarasota Fl. To Prescott. I rationalized that if I had enjoyed their Sunday services in Sarasota, I would like their Arizona group as well. I didn’t stop to “tune in” to their current situation.

Armed with full address and directions, Jeanne and I started off on a beautiful sunny Sunday. We drove and drove and seemed to hit nothing but dead ends. Still smiling and optimistic we called it quits for that day.

Absolutely certain that it was just a fluke, we started again the following Sunday. The results (ha!) were basically the same.

Oh well, one more time. Right? Not exactly. The third Sunday we did find the place but oh the nature of that service! If it wasn’t full of condemnation of the human situation, I don’t know what else to call it. We couldn’t wait to escape that room and that rhetoric.

What was the lesson? When things go a little crazy that is the time to stop and be grateful! There is always time to thank the power that lives within you and around you. Why? Because if plans don’t work there is usually a very good reason!

Give your guidance team a lot of gratitude. They are always with you, even if you don’t, or I don’t, listen!

Rev. Lois Cheney