This week I lost a dear friend and client. Eddie was the most open hearted, generous soul I have ever known. He put his whole heart into every day. I never knew his actual age but I believe he was over 90 years.

Whenever he found someone he believed I could help with my long distance healing ability, he would telephone me or write. I remember those letters with the name and brief description of the person and their physical or emotional problems.

Some of those people to whom I sent healing energies were on the east coast of Florida and some as far away as Australia. Some were from Eddie’s yoga group. I never met any of them personally but I felt I knew them.

It was extremely rare that Eddie would ask for help for himself but then he fell and broke his hip. His daughter called me to tell me of his need. She said he brightened when she told him she would contact me immediately.

After the call from her I immediately began sending energy with the help of my guide, Dr. Williams. But before long I realized it was his soul’s intent to return home. Even so, I continued to work with his physical circulation until the end.

I miss you Eddie for all you kindness to others and the helping hand you extended endlessly. You are most assuredly one of a kind. Blessings to you on your soul’s journey. Always your friend, Lois.