Fairies Spirits and Sprites

Fairies sprites and angels
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Fairies Spites and Angels

How I love and revere the invisible kingdoms! It is wonderful to think that those helpers we do not see, are available and willing to work not only with us, but with our plants, animals, water and the very earth herself.

Have you ever looked for a few minutes at a large old tree that has stood for as long as 100 years or so? If you have, you may have been lucky enough to catch just a glimpse of a faint haze surrounding its upper most branches. Perhaps you even heard a faint swishing sound emanating from the leaves. Or maybe you were intent enough in your observation to sense a warm or cool breeze coming from the tree, or just a wave-like movement of energy circulating in and through the tree.

If you have enjoyed any similar observation of the seemingly invisible realm as described in the paragraph above, you have been in the presence of some of the divine keepers of the plant kingdom, sometimes called nature divas. In fact what you have seen, felt or heard are those amazing and talented spirits whose energies are devoted to the health of earth’s trees, flowers and other plants.

I am certain it will create some much needed cleansing of our polluted waterways, if we will take the time to invoke the energy of the water sprites. Those sprites are the strong and highly capable entities assigned the special task of overseeing the lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. With their help and advice, coupled with our own personal action and commitment, it is possible that we could save many of those much needed water sources that would otherwise be lost to all of us.

Are fairies real? If you have ever experienced any of those joyful, fluttering spirits when walking outdoors or even while you were enjoying the company of enthusiastic young people, you would have to say fairies are among us! They seem to be attracted by children and the young at heart. Often they can be found in any lovely flower garden. It would seem they are drawn by love’s expression, whether it is flowers or childlike innocence.

As I counsel with clients, I have heard countless stories of angel encounters. One of my students tells me of a time when he received information and a much needed warning from a passerby on the street. He felt that encounter was so important as to help him act to save his daughter’s life. Perhaps that does seem quite unusual in itself, but it is even more so when you know that once the words were spoken the “speaker” completely vanished.

I believe that when the need is strong enough or urgent enough, at that particular moment angels can acquire the human appearance. They are able to clothe themselves in ordinary attire. This seems an important capability because we have a tendency to earnestly listen to advice, or at least consider it, from a human appearing soul when we might ignore a gentle, but mysterious, whisper from the invisible.

You can be assured that whatever your challenge, all you need do is ask for help from your personal angels. They are always ready to assist with advice. They can send you suggestions in signs or symbols. They can paint intuitive dreams for you. They can visit you in the night with a heavenly appearing glow and color while whispering words of wisdom and encouragement.

The only angelic rule or requirement is that you must ask! Your angels are always “on call”. It sometimes seems to me that our angels are perfectly capable of moving mountains “as needed”.

My experience has been that if I will ask my angels to work out a solution for a friend or family member, they can speak to that person’s own angels. Angel to angel, miracles manifest. Positive changes seem to come out of thin air. All of that as a result of an invisible, high level “phone call” if you will! Every one of us has access to the powerful help of our angels. We should never be hesitant or afraid to ask.

It is of no importance how large or how small your request of your angels. If the solution is important to you, it is important enough to ask for help. Your angels are always with you. Your angels are just waiting for your request. Speak up!

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