Are your dreams mystifying you? Do they seem so “far out” that you discard them and stop looking for meaning? Perhaps you have trouble remembering them at all. Here is your chance to make use of this valuable ally: YOUR DREAMS! This Saturday March 30, 1 to 3 pm I will be offering a powerful workshop: “Your Dreams Are Calling, PLEASE DON’T HANG UP!”

Join me, the Sarasota-Psychic-Medium, Rev. Lois Cheney, at Serenity Gardens 2765 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte FL to begin a journey of not just remembering your dreams but using their special value and instruction.

The cost for this power-filled 2 hrs is just $35. Sign up now to learn more than you ever thought was available from your personal dream maker!

Questions? Feel free to call or e-mail at my North Port home. (928) 300-2030

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Lois Cheney

Working as an ordained metaphysical minister and spiritualist counselor Rev. Lois has helped clients with their challenges for 45 years. In addition she utilizing her skills as a certified clinical hypnotist to eliminate fears, discover past lives, resolve physical weight problems and much more.

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