Yes, it is true that you can continue eating your favorites and still lose weight! How? By using health focused hypnosis you will change your eating habits to slower eating and with less quantity.

Of course a balanced diet helps while cutting back on excess sugars and fats, but when you cut out every food that you love, you are doomed to failure. So how does hypnosis work? Hypnosis contacts your own subconscious mind to control the way and the quantity you eat.

Number one: forget eating and… In other words, when you sit down to eat do not also talk on the phone, listen to the news, read a book or sit in front of the television. When you are occupied with things other than eating you cannot give attention to how much you are eating or when you are full and need to stop and step away.

Number two: use smaller plates, don’t go back for seconds, don’t put serving dishes of food on the table.

There are oh so many small changes that will help you reach your weight goal. Hypnosis will help you make those changes with very little conscious effort on your part!

Because everyone’s “triggers” are different, my clinical weight loss program is different and very individual for each person. I begin by asking about the basics: when you eat, what foods you eat in large quantity, why you eat more at some times than others, if you eating is mood based and any other contributing factors.

One important factor of deciding to lose weight is this: Are you personally making the decision and are you committed to it? It will not work if the decision is mother’s decision, or husband’s decision, it must be yours personally!

Feel free to call me or e-mail to ask any questions you may have. I am happy to answer your concerns. When you are ready to be the new slim healthy person who is waiting inside you, let’s set a date to begin!

Rev. Lois Cheney, Certified Clinical Hypnotist   (928)300-2030