Yes, you can enjoy wonderful health. What is required to be healthy in mind body and soul? It is simply flooding every part of yourself with total love. The harmony of love expressed in thoughts, emotions, words and actions needs to fill your heart and your life. But to allow love to fill each of us completely in all parts of our lives, we must clear a space! Begin to forgive, forget and release all that keeps us separate from our own true nature of unconditional love.

Why focus on forgiveness and letting go of hurts?  Unpleasant repetitive memories can quickly take over your life. However when your bodies, both physical and etheric, are filled with nothing but the light of the highest energy and love, vibrant health quickly follows. You then have the experience of dynamic health in every aspect of your life. You become a health and happiness magnet.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, if you are continually rehearsing in memory any past hurts from others or guilt from some action of your own, the result can be mental, emotional or physical illness.

Yes the process of reviewing slights and emotional upsets can have the effect of making them more intense than they ever were when they first occurred. One dark incident comes forward in our memory and we begin to rehearse it as if it was happening in this now moment with more drama, sound, color and light. The result? Tension takes over your body.

When we entertain thoughts of that kind there also is an increased possibility of recreating similar situations now. We certainly don’t want added misery. So how should we begin to truly release these unhappy incidents with their sights, feelings and sounds?

Many years ago in the 70’s I learned a technique from Jose Silva creator of Silva Mind Control which has proved effective for me. His suggestion was when a particularly troubling picture comes to mind, redesign it, in other words, change it! Yes change it one little action bit at a time. After all it is only a memory and it is not happening in this now moment.

This changing a memory is only for your personal benefit.  It doesn’t affect anyone else who may have been part of the incident. For instance let us suppose that a particularly unhappy time occurred with a friend or sibling some months or even years ago. It makes no difference whether that person is alive today or has passed because you are only dealing with a memory not the actual person.

Let us suppose in this chosen instance an argument escalated to the point that you were slapped on the face by this other person. Taking that vision with sight and sound into your mind do this: let the offending hand come up but then drop down to his or her side. Let the person turn and simply walk away. Every time the incident comes to your thoughts, see it as you re-created it, the revised version, in this new improved way.

But don’t stop there. Continue changing the memory in little ways until in time you will remember it as a mild disagreement with no physical component at all. Perhaps you can go a step further and see apologies made by yourself and the other person. Could you imagine a hug or shaking hands?

Yes this is all “make believe” but if it keeps your body full of love and light it is well worth the extra effort. We want health of mind, body and soul! As metaphysicians we know not to take ugly poisonous thoughts into ourselves. This is simply an additional, and I believe effective, “clean up” method. Try it in your life. See if you feel lighter!

www.Sarasota-Psychic-Medium      Rev. Lois Cheney, CCH