Reverend Lois Cheney

Certified Clinical Hypnotist

& Psychic Medium presents:


a workshop

7 pm Friday, November 9, 2018

  Many lessons and abilities offered by your past life experiences can be explored and brought forward for your use. Multiple talents and gifts as diverse as perfect musical pitch or walking the high wire have the potential of being buried in your subconscious. Thankfully they do not need to remain hidden!

Your chakras are filled with past life memory and the chakras can be encouraged to reveal numerous helpful abilities and amazing wisdom for your use today. In addition you can access the records of all your lives from the Akashic storehouse of information.

Exceptionally useful is seeing the past source or event that triggered a present day fear or phobia. Perhaps today you panic over being in high places or tight enclosed spaces and wonder why. Simply accessing the knowledge of the original “trigger” can lead to a powerful dramatic healing.

The workshop will include a deep meditation. You will receive your   personal past life regression experience with the group.

Only $35. Please be sure to preregister!

Location: Point Lumineux, 2206 Jo An Dr. Ste.4 Sarasota FL 34231

Information: (928)300-2030 or e-mail:


Lois Cheney

Working as an ordained metaphysical minister and spiritualist counselor Rev. Lois has helped clients with their challenges for 45 years. In addition she utilizing her skills as a certified clinical hypnotist to eliminate fears, discover past lives, resolve physical weight problems and much more.


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