Each of us prepared for this current life on earth with very specific goals and purpose. Our soul guided us to make extensive plans before we were born. Unfortunately when we arrived we discovered the “veil” had been drawn across our memory of those plans.

What to do? How can we begin to do what we intended if we have no memory of those plans? Fortunately each of us has an incredibly loyal counterpart and partner to our physical mind and memory. That cooperative counterpart is our strong subconscious mind. The subconscious is easily motivated to find the needed direction for us.

With the use of focused hypnosis the original plans for life accomplishments can be accessed and be seen clearly. The life intentions and soul directions are not lost! They are just temporarily hidden.

Viewing a recently past life can provide clues to those directions by showing us where some situations were not appropriately resolved. However, the real beauty of hypnosis is that together we can go in to the time between lives in order to find those promises that we made to our soul self.

When the plans are clear, what do we do next? Many times the next steps involve bolstering our own underlying self-esteem, our belief in our abilities. To accomplish our goals we need to feel confident in our talents. At first glance the soul direction may seem overwhelming but the truth is we never give ourselves any desired path and fully design it, unless we also know that we have the talents in ourselves to accomplish the goals.

In the hypnotic state very specific instructions can be given to the subconscious to accomplish the goals that were set. In addition the exact order of necessary actions can be called forth to create the best possible outcomes. Timing of your actions is always an important factor for success. The subconscious knows no barriers and with exact timing will present to you all the people, places and things to help you create your perfect results.

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