Doing some miscellaneous reading the other day, I happened on to a passage that said “while tomatoes are a fruit (scientifically) we mustn’t put them in a fruit salad!”

It set me to thinking. Why not? What about combining tomatoes with apples or grapes or  bananas? What awful thing would happen if one or another of them were to meet in a fruit salad? Would their various components attack each other? Have we ever actually tried the two together? Or is it simply that we have learned that this combination is unacceptable practice or incorrect for some other reason?

Now I do not suggest that we must all try this different form of fruit salad! No, what I am suggesting is that just maybe each of us might have some other suspect ideas in our life beliefs.

Could it be that we are individually or collectively holding on to ideas that have no legitimate basis? Our lives might benefit by presenting some of those ideas concerning “correct and not correct,” “good and bad” with a little closer analysis.  

As you may have guessed the look at our personal beliefs could span an enormous number of subjects.  After all it was all too easy to accept those ideas about right and wrong, national origin, religious faiths, and modes of dress that we felt or heard as children. We might have learned not to speak unless spoken to or offer our own feelings or thoughts at any given time!

All I am suggesting is that whenever we turn away from a new idea, a new relationship, a new thought, we ask ourselves WHY? What is the deeper reason for rejecting this? Is the rejection based on known facts or an automatic deeply engrained habit? Perhaps it is a totally legitimate action or reaction but it is healthier to determine the reasons behind the reasons.

When we allow ourselves to be open to the new things of life trying different tastes and adventures, we become more “spacious”. We begin to completely actualize our lives. We live a fuller more beautiful experience of our life path. We can see the way to enlightenment perhaps even to our own ascension.

Plus, once in a while you might just find that you actually like a splash of “tomatoes with your bananas” even on a crispy lettuce leaf!