Host a Party?
Halloween is coming! Would you like to host  a special adult party at your home or club house?

Every guest will receive  their own private spirit message (5 to 10 minutes) from  Psychic Hypnotist Reverend Lois Cheney.       


Expect lots of joy, laughter and  tears as spirits, angels and loved ones arrive for you!


      Call now to reserve: (928)-300-2030

          or e- mail:


(The cost  is just $25. for each guest with a minimum of 10 guests.)

Lois Cheney

Working as an ordained metaphysical minister and spiritualist counselor Rev. Lois has helped clients with their challenges for 45 years. In addition she utilizing her skills as a certified clinical hypnotist to eliminate fears, discover past lives, resolve physical weight problems and much more.

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