Last night in the middle of a raging thunder storm I went to our local Dollar Tree store. It was nearly closing time and the only person there was a very young clerk.

He asked me how I was doing. Now I try to always stay positive but it had not been a stellar day or even week. I struggled to find something “nice” to say.

“Well, my car is running great. My dog is a real sweetheart….” He could see I wasn’t getting anywhere fast with my attempt at happy talk.

Finally, sensing my difficulty, he said, “you know, no matter what is happening in your life right now, if you have someone to share with, it is a good life!”

He is right! So I say to you: even if you live alone you can choose to make it a good life, a good day, a good year by sharing as much upbeat as you can. Take a chance and smile at someone in the grocery, complement a lady wearing your favorite color. Communicate with others and bring joy to their lives. After all just remember it is contagious.

Share and your life certainly will be good regardless of other seemingly daunting circumstances.