I wonder if some of my readers are old enough to remember an old commercial “It’s Miller Time”. It was a suggestion to go out, buy that particular brand of beer, then drink and relax. I am suggesting we change the slogan to “It’s Swing Time”!

What I offer is a different way of relaxing. Think back to a time when you or someone else gently swayed in a hammock. Perhaps that hammock was stretched between two leafy trees and was moved with a gentle summer breeze. Can you reproduce that scene and the physical feeling in your mind?

Our bodies and minds all need an occasional swing in the hammock whether it is a physical swing or just a memory playing. If we don’t listen to our selves enough to allow relaxation times, our lives quickly become stressed.

What is so vital about relaxation?  Number one is the very real problem that too much worry, fear etc. all leave us wide open to disease of various kinds. Perhaps this is why down through the ages mothers have rocked their babies to sooth and calm them. I remember too lyrics from an old time gospel song: “Rocka my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Oh Lord, rocka my soul”. Both of those methods are focused on stimulating relaxation through the use of repetitive rhythm.

Not only do we want to eliminate too much stress to avoid illness we all desire better information for our life plans, clearer direction. However that information which is always readily available from our “high self” can be hidden from our understanding. If we are so bound up in worries that we aren’t able to retrieve the data we need and feel unable to contact that special subconscious part of ourselves, we feel stymied and even more stressed.

What is the answer? For certain all of us need regular periods of renewal, both emotional and mental. That is why I suggest using the mental screen to view yourself in your personal comfortable hammock. You might decide the right time for you would be after lunch or right before bed. Whatever fits your schedule keeping the “exercise” as a regular part of your day will bring benefits.

It is good to have a place in your home where you will not be disturbed for 15 or 20 minutes. I have my “special room”. You might have a place where you meditate. Where ever you choose, allow yourself to be fully involved with the mental picture. Get comfortable in your chair or on your couch. Next take several deep slow breaths and close your eyes. Now color the hammock, pick the imaginary time of day, feel the temperature, smell flowers, hear birds. Is your special hammock in the mountains, at the seashore? In other words make the “swing” as detailed as you can. Make it real.

If you will pour all of yourself into the picture, you will awake refreshed, relaxed, recharged and filled with new ideas. Happy hammock swinging to each and every one of you.

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