If you have tried other ways of losing weight, stopping panic attacks or letting go of any sort of fear or phobia with little or no success, why would you try hypnosis? The best reason to utilize hypnosis is that unlike other methods of encouraging change, hypnosis goes directly to your most powerful ally, your subconscious mind.

The marvelous thing about your subconscious or unconscious mind is that it never questions anything you give to it as a vision or word picture. It doesn’t matter that it is “just your imagination.” It does not know the difference. In other words when you repeatedly send it a detailed picture of your desires it will put forth tremendous effort to make that the conscious reality in your life. Your emotion filled imagination is powerful!

Your subconscious bypasses your conscious mind and accepts everything you tell it. Using positive suggestions while in a hypnotic state is a much quicker way to create change and improve your quality of life than some of the other traditional methods which can take many months or even years.

Remember that your wonderful subconscious mind never takes a break. You may be asleep but it is busy working with what you have sent to it 24 hours a day, nonstop!

Even though the American Medical Association in the United States only approved hypnosis as a viable therapy fairly recently in 1958, the therapeutic work with hypnosis has not only stood the test of time it, has been utilized for centuries. For instance in ancient Greece there were healing temples where the hypnotic methods were practiced. Many shamans also used hypnosis to aid healing.

Hypnosis is a very safe option for creating desired changes. The truth is that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis because in the hypnotic state you will only accept those ideas and suggestions that you approve and reject those that you do not want. As a clinical hypnotist I know that you can only be helped when you offer your own permission to experience change!

Call today and tell me what changes you would like to make you feel better: more self-confidence, happier emotions, less worry, habit changes to improve health? The possibilities are unlimited. Let’s talk about it!

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Rev. Lois Cheney, Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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