Throughout your day you make various decisions. You move forward, take an action on one task and discard or ignore another. Some of your decisions are minor and of little importance. It seems obvious for instance that little impact comes from choosing one breakfast cereal over another.

On the other hand certain types of decisions can have a more life altering affect. It is those decisions that change the course of your personal history that I wish to address today.

For example, it could be that you feel the need to move out of or drop a personal relationship. It is possible that another rather “foreign” or possibly untried geographic location seems to be calling you. Perhaps a major employment change is being offered away from your current comfort zone.

Larger, deeper and definite positive choices of that kind can open up your life path; give you a greater view of growth-filled possibilities. Unfortunately poor or negative choices can detour your goals, or lead to a number of dead ends.

Those major choices that you make determine how engaged you will be with your own physical and spiritual progress. In fact some decisions have so great an impact that they can determine the course of the rest of your life.

I do not say these things to put you on guard or to frighten you, but rather to offer you another way of making decisions.

This final extra or additional method is to be used only when you have done all the usual homework regarding a particular challenge. It is to be used only when you have looked at the facts, consulted with your spirit guides, masters, and high self. Then is the time to use one more measure!

Let me preface this explanation of the method by saying that I believe strongly in LOVE’S WISDOM. When there are several choices facing me, I choose the way dictated by Love. Love always offers the highest and best to me and the highest and best to any others who may be affected by my decision.

Then here is what I call the HEART SCALE for your use: Close your eyes. Think, feel or imagine that directly in front of you is your personal Heart Scale. It is an upright scale similar to one that might be used to weigh fruits or vegetables. If it helps, you can color the scale pink, gold or any loving color that appeals to you.

When you have that vision firmly in place, imagine further that the large digital scale numbers read from 1 to 10. Ten is the highest and most positive. Now, drop your decision on that scale and see what number IMMEDIATELY flashes on the scale. If you take more than 2 seconds to read the number, you have left your heart decision and moved, or deferred to, your mind or rational thinking decision.

This is a very accurate measure of how your heart and love center feel about any particular decision as long as you make an immediate reading of the number. If you cannot succeed with the instant reading the first time, set the technique aside for awhile and try again.

One of the reasons for using the Heart Scale is to override our human tendency to lie to ourselves about some issues. This tendency comes into play when we feel acknowledging our own deep truth will lead us to making big and sometimes scary changes.

Many times we tend to try to avoid large shifts in our beliefs. We feel we need to be “right” rather than accept and actively pursue what is actually good for us.

I hope you will try this technique. Have fun with it. Make it joyful because your heart wants to be joyful!
Reverend Lois Cheney
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