Potential Balloons or Blowing Away Stress

In my healing room I do psychic counseling, mediumship, chakra clearing, hypnosis and a number of other healing modalities. On my desk I keep a glass jar of potential balloons. Probably most of us are familiar with those little balloons that frequently decorate a child’s party.

Why do I call them potential balloons? Because no one has taken the time to blow air into them. Uninflated balloons cannot float on a passing breeze. They are flat and lifeless. I keep those balloon want-ing to be able to offer help to some of my clients who come burdened with worry and fear.

You may have noticed that most fear-filled people are also engaging in very shallow breathing at least at the moment. Their shoulders tend to be drawn in over their chests, not allowing any expansion. Many times I offer some of those unhappy souls a balloon and suggest that the deep breathing involved with blowing up a balloon can bring in a moment of peaceful relief.

In those minutes when a person is concentrating on filling a balloon with air there is hardly any room left in the mind to think or worry with yesterday, today or tomorrow. After that exertion the following state of being winded can bring in the needed physical and emotional rest.

Likewise jogging, swimming or any exercise involving deep regular breathing can be a way to access clear thinking, effective ideas and an elevated mood.

Those of you familiar with meditation are aware that again one of the first steps leading to the spirit/soul awareness and inner connection is regular deep breathing.

To truly enjoy our lives we must have moments of peace and relaxation. To live in a continual state of stress and tension can only lead to unhappiness and a potential shortening of life.

To be productive as well as happy we need spaces in our concentrated efforts. Filling those spaces with full expansive breathing is one of the best antidotes to over intensity and anxiety.

Purifying, clarifying, energizing; breathing does all of that and more. I wish you happy breathing along with peace and grace for all your intentions and actions.